About the Founder

Beverly Katzenberger, RN, has been serving clients in the Sarasota-Bradenton area for more than 7 years through her salon, A Lash Above.  Her attention to detail and stellar credentials have brought her many regular clients over the years, some of whom travel from as far away as Gainesville and Fort Myers for her services.

Beverly is a Registered Nurse and Xtreme Lashes® certified technician. Her work has been submitted and approved by Xtreme Lashes corporate headquarters, and she regularly attends professional development workshops and seminars to keep her practices up to date and above reproach. Beverly’s expertise has been specifically recognized in the Xtreme stylist directory, and she was showcased as Featured Lash Stylist of September 2012. Her professional nickname, the Lash Doctor, is inspired by her ability to safely remove another stylist's poor work on a client and turn what was once a bad set of extensions into beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes.

A family trip to California was Beverly's first exposure to eyelash extensions, and seeing beautiful lashes firsthand prompted her to take the entrepreneurial plunge into the world of eyelash extensions in 2007. Beverly's medical background and business savvy led her to closely research what was then a fledgling industry, and prompted her to pursue her top-notch certification with industry leader  Xtreme Lashes. Beverly is truly passionate about her profession. She loves the difference an expertly-applied set of eyelash extensions make on a client's eyes, and seeing happy customers come back for fill after fill continues to delight her. After 24 years working exclusively as an RN with dialysis patients, Beverly is often amazed at where her eyelash journey has brought her!

Beverly is the owner of a well-established flagship location on Bee Ridge Rd. and plans to expand her business further south and to the north Sarasota/Bradenton area in the future. She is also happy to work from her cozy home salon for her clients' convenience.

A few personal details about Beverly:

Beverly has lashed more than just her clients. She is an avid golfer, evidenced by her 9-hole championship award from Olympia Fields Country club. Before starting her career in the beauty industry, she won a merit scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa to pursue her medical distinction as an RN. She has two children with her high school sweetheart and husband of many years, Marty Katzenberger. Her daughter resides in the Chicago area where Beverly grew up, and her son and his family live close-by in Bradenton, FL.