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Don't miss the 2011 Wine, Women and Shoes Forty Carrots fundraiser

Event: November 3rd-November 5th  the fashion conscious, shoe loving and socially minded women of Sarasota will have the opportunity to raise funds for Forty Carrots. With multiple activities over these three days, all benefitting this family oriented charity, attendees are welcome to participate as best fits their needs and interests.

Planner: Congratulations to the event planning organization Wine, Women and Shoes, who in their seventh year of business have produced over 70 events netting over $7 million for various women’s and family-related causes. We appreciate their contribution to the betterment of Sarasota families.

Patterned Pump from Foxy Lady Sarasota

Entrepreneur: And let’s not forget Diana Kelly, Sarasota native and U of F graduate with her own brand of shoes now carried in 67 boutiques in 14 states. Here is a recent Sarasota Herald Tribune article.

The Wine: Although you will enjoy exceptional foods and wines throughout the 3 day event, do note the exclusive dinner events  hosted at various Sarasota homes. Call 941-365-7716 for availability.

Thought about eyelash extensions? Support Forty Carrots when you bid on the Gift Certificate from A Lash Above  this year at Wine, Women and Shoes 2011.

It just goes to show that in Sarasota when it comes to women and fashion, wine and shoes are a great combination.

Great shoe pictures from Foxy Lady of Sarasota and T. Georgiano’s

Magic by Sirak at T.Georgiano's